Experiencing music the old way...

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The Charlotte House Series connects aspiring musicians to the local community in homes throughout Kansas City, starting with one on Charlotte Street where it was founded. While aiming to provide a unique concert experience accessible to all audiences, the series cherishes a music tradition that has long been forgotten, that of a salon style in which music was often performed in small settings such as parlors or living rooms. Popular in Europe throughout much of the 19th century, the salon concert was a venue not only for musicians of the time to perform but for composers themselves to perform as well. Pieces performed in such spaces regularly featured a high degree of virtuosity and showmanship, and the intimate nature of these venues was also conducive to an elegance and nostalgia found in much of the other music of the era as well.

The experience of music is typically a very personal one, whether enjoyed with others in a concert hall or arena or individually through a car radio or smartphone app. We all enjoy a unique interpretation, a different style, a poignant lyric, or a moving harmony. The vision of the Charlotte House Series is to create meaningful experiences that are personal not only because we expect audience members to take away something that changed or moved them in some way, but because we will be personally grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such an experience. We hope you join us soon to experience a new way of enjoying music the old way.    


The Charlotte House Series is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.